Add on services

Headlight Restorations

(starting at $50)

Black Plastic Restoration

(prices based on the amount of plastic)  

Add steam clean

(starting at $45 on the interior)

fabric seat shampoo

(starting at $45 +$20 3rd row)

carpet shampoo

(starting at$75 +$25 on 3rd row)

Fabric protection

(Starting at $100)

Disinfect treatment

~An EPA approved positive charged Antimicrobial mist

is applied to the interior of the vehicle.

(All vehicles $79) *Does not include commercial or fleet vehicles.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of leveling (removing) imperfections in the surface of the paint (clearcoat). Our process is different on every paint job.  They can vary in hardness, thickness, and depth of imperfections and needs to be inspected.  We come to you and offer a free consultation and inspect the paint. We get your paint looking better than the showroom.

*All prices based on normal wear & tear and are subject to change due to extreme conditions that may take more steps.

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