Exfoliating deep exterior detail is the best way to explain this option. Your car is meticulously detailed with our signature wash with pH-neutral car shampoo, snow foam that encapsulates and lifts dirt away from the surface of the paint to reduce micro-scratching. Emblems, trim, plastics, and other exterior pieces are detailed at this time.  Added to this service is a 2-Step Paint Decontamination process. The first includes chemical decontamination that dissolves small iron deposits embedded in the clear coat from hot brake dust & industrial fall out that gets baked in by the sun. The second is mechanical decontamination and is done with a clay bar to pick up any leftover contaminants leaving the surface brighter, cleaner, and silky smooth. 


  • Pre-Rinse

  • Wheels Tires Degreased & Cleaned

  • Wheel Wells/Arches Cleaned

  • Snow Foam (Helps encapsulate dirt & grime to lift away from paint)

  • Door Jams Cleaned

  • Cracks, Crevices, Emblems & Gas Cap area

  • Complete Bug & Tar removal

  • The Chemical Decontamination 

  • 2nd Snow Foam and hand wash

  • Clay bar the paint to get remaining contaminants 

  • Sealant Applied for up to 6-months Protection 

  • Windshield Prepped for window sealant

  • Windshield treated allowing water to bead and roll-off

  • Exterior Plastics are Dressed with a UV Protectant

  • Tires Are Dressed with Premium Water Based No Sling Dressing







* Vehicles with excess dirt/mud/tar are subject to added fees.

*Optional Add-on Services may be added.

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