interior & Exterior

Mini Detail


A great mini detail or for our clients on our maintenance program.  Gives you a nice refresh on the exterior and interior.  Hard plastics will be detailed and cleaned including the steering wheel and all windows and mirrors. Just let us know if something needs a little extra attention and we’ll be happy to address it properly.





  • APC Pre-Rinse

  • Wheels/Tires/Wheel Wells Cleaned

  • Thorough Rinse

  • Snow Foam Entire Car

  • Hand Washed

  • Rinse Thoroughly

  • Door Jams Degreased and washed

  • Hand Dried

  • 3 Month Sealant applied

  • Windshield Treatment 

  • Tires Dressed


  • Air Purge seats, carpet & mats

  • Thorough Vacuum of Interior 

  • Wet Dust Dash/Doors/Console/Cupholders

  • Minor Spot Treatments

  • Steering Wheel Cleaned

  • Windows/Mirrors/Navigation Screens







*Vehicles with excess dirt/mud/tar are subject to added fees.

*Take a Look Here to add something that might be needed.