Paint enhancement


Designed for vehicles that do not require full paint correction; a single stage machine polish is given after our decontamination wash to bring the gloss and shine back to the paintwork without breaking the bank. Light wash marring and surface scratches will deprive a vehicle's appearance and present a dull, hazy lifeless finish.




  • APC Pre-Rinse

  • Wheels/Tires Degreased & Cleaned

  • Snow Foam Soak

  • Emblems & Degrease Gas Cap Area

  • 2nd Snow Foam is applied for Hand Wash

  • Clean Door Jams

  • Bug & Tar removal

  • Paint Chemically Decontaminated 

  • Paint is Mechanically Decontaminated with a Clay Bar 

  • Dried with Plush Microfiber Drying towels

  • Light Paint Paint Correction & Polishing 

  • Windshield Treatment applied

  • 6 Month Sealant Added 

  • Tires Dressed 

  • Exterior Plastics Dressed










*If you are interested in adding a ceramic coating to this package, please

contact us for a quote.