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Eliminating Clear Coat Scratches and who to call.

There are several types of scratches that can occur on car paint, including:

  1. Clear coat scratches: These scratches affect only the clear coat, which is the top layer of paint that provides a glossy finish and protection for the underlying paint layers. Clear coat scratches can be caused by everyday wear and tear, such as washing and drying the car, as well as by more severe causes such as hail or road debris.

  2. Surface scratches: These scratches occur in the topmost layer of paint and can be caused by a variety of things, such as keys, rings, or other sharp objects coming into contact with the car's surface.

  3. Swirl marks: These are caused by improper washing or drying methods, such as using a dirty towel or using too much pressure when washing. They appear as small circular marks that are usually concentrated in one area of the car.

  4. Deep scratches: These scratches occur when something sharp comes into contact with the car's paint, such as a rock or a tree branch. They can be caused by accidental collisions or by vandalism.

  5. Scuffs: These are caused by rubbing or scraping, usually by another car or a hard object. They appear as a line or mark and can be more visible in darker color paint.

It's important to note that all these scratches can be removed or reduced by professional car detailing services. The severity of the scratch will determine the type of repair required.

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