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This Exterior detail is where things really get interesting.  A full paint correction can cost hundreds if not thousands.  Our Paint Enhancement package gives you a budget-friendly 1 step polish with some added correction techniques to take very minor imperfections out of your paint like surface scratches, swirls, and light oxidation that deprive the appearance and present a dull hazy lifeless finish. After this service is done, we will add an 8-12 sealant.  We recommend looking into our 1-year sealant to help keep your vehicle protected. This includes our DECONTAMINATION WASH to get the most out of your paintwork.

All our wash packages include a PH-neutral soap that helps lift and encapsulate road grime and dirt away from the paint to help prevent minor washing scratch marks and the mitt is rinsed after every panel.




  • Pre-Rinse

  • Wheels/Tires Degreased & Cleaned

  • Foam Entire Car with PH neutral Car Shampoo

  • Agitate Cracks/Crevices/Emblems & Degrease Gas Cap Area

  • Snow Foam Cannon is applied for washing

  • Clean Door Jams

  • Bug & Tar removal

  • Paint Chemically Decontaminated with Iron/Fall out remover

  • to Safely Dissolve Embedded Metal Particles, etc. in the Clear Coat

  • Paint is Mechanically Decontaminated with a Clay Bar 

  • Dried with Plush Microfiber Drying towels

  • Light Paint Paint Correction & Polishing (Minor Swirls, Scratch Removal & Light Oxidation)

  • Windshield Treatment applied

  • 6 Month Sealant Added (1 Year Paint Sealant or Ceramic Coating recommended)

  • Tires Dressed with Premium Water Based Tire Dressing










*If you are interested in adding a ceramic coating to this package, please

contact us for a quote.

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