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A great mini detail or for our clients on our maintenance program.  It won't break the bank and gives you a nice refresh on the exterior and interior.  We give your vehicle our amazing Signature hand wash that is very thorough including wheels, door jams, and gas cap area. Your vehicle is dried, the sealant is applied, and tires dressed.  The interior of your vehicle will get a blowout with compressed air to loosen debris for vacuuming.  Hard plastics will be wet dusted and cleaned including the steering wheel and all windows and mirrors will be cleaned, and if need be something can always be added. Just let us know if something needs a little extra attention.





  • Wheels/Tires/Wheel Wells Cleaned

  • Thorough Rinse

  • Snow Foam Entire Car

  • Hand Washed

  • Rinse Thoroughly

  • Door Jams Degreased and washed

  • Hand Dried

  • 3 Month Sealant applied

  • Windshield Treatment applied 

  • Tires Dressed


  • Air Purge seats, carpet & mats

  • Thorough Vacuum of Interior & SUV cargo area

  • Wet Dust Dash/Doors/Console/Cupholders

  • Steering Wheel Cleaned

  • Windows/Mirrors/Navigation Screens





*Vehicles with excess dirt/mud/tar are subject to added fees.

*Take a Look Here to add something that might be needed.

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